Article 4543 American Orientation 101

Article 4543. American Orientation 101

by Anna von Reitz December 17, 2023

The courts you are appealing to are owned and operated by the same foreign governments oppressing you. Stop, please. Think about it. These are courts of “special limited jurisdiction”. They are not your courts of “general jurisdiction”. Stop wasting your time and energy addressing these self-interested foreign courts. Just stop. They have no business addressing you, and unless you voluntarily do business on the sea, or work for the Federal Government, you have no business addressing them. Focus your time and energy on restoring your own State Courts of general jurisdiction — courts that allow you to judge both the facts and the law in any jurisdiction. And lay it down. Declare your birthright political status and join your State Assembly without further delay. Your empowerment is waiting for you. Don’t let it languish another day. Forget about “appeals” to THEIR “Supreme Court”. It’s your Supreme Court that counts. Forget about sending “petitions” to your Employees. Since when does an Employer petition his Employees? We don’t petition them. We fire them. We send them the old pink slip heave-ho. We throw them in the brig. We hang them if we have to, but we don’t petition them or plead with them. It’s just not appropriate. We cinch up the banks so tight they can’t squeeze a whisper. And we get this country back on the map and back on track.

The end.

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