Indiana is a State of the Union and accepted as a member State of the Union on December 11, 1816 – The United States of America©.

The Indiana Assembly© is the dejur republic governing body of Indiana State. .The Indiana Assembly©, along with The Indiana Land Recording Office© and The Indiana DEBT Redemption Center©, is a Not for Profit Community-Based organization.

  • All Gifts/money received by The Indiana Assembly©, even for Products, and/or Services, are considered a non-refundable Gifts, any assumed/presumed Benefits Waived.
  • Americans are Coming in The Truth and Self-Governing-by taking responsibility for own words and actions, being Peaceful, and taking an Active Role in upholding the Public Law.
  • Volunteer Officials of The Indiana Assembly© are not EMPLOYEES, Assistants, or your Mother and will not accept treatment as such, thus reserving their Right to cancel if necessary.
  • Although able to declare, record, and publish Political Status Correction as an American State National, Federal Persons-men/women currently EMPLOYED by any Federal/Territorial/MUNICIPAL/District Agency are Not eligible to Participate in the building of the Assembly’s 4/Four Pillars – General Assembly, Business/International Assembly, Militia Assembly, Jural Assembly until Final Severance from Service.

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