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Record & Publish – Only

Meet with an Indiana Assembly Recording Secretary to witness you autograph your Status Correction documents. The Recording Secretary will complete the notary process and Publish your documents to the L.R.O. – Land Recording Office for the Assembly to meet the Publishing requirements at a reasonable fee.

Fast Track Option: 1779 Declaration of Naturalization (a.k.a. one-pager), Common Carry Declaration, Declaration of Political Status, Fee Schedule, and Baby Deeds for children/grandchildren under the lawful age of 21 with birth certificate presentment. Note: Publishing fee includes the follow up to Publish the letters of Notice after mailed. Book Here!

Full Armor Option: All of the Above and the full 928 bundle. Book Here!

Assembly Recording Secretaries Reserve the Right: to Reject Political Status documentation that is Not Land & Soil Jurisdiction; to Reject documentation that uses Parse Syntax in either the Name-Autograph nor within the text of the documents; to Reject any Envelopes mailed with Parse Syntax in the Return Address; to Reject serving as Notary on the documents and will prepare the documentation correctly for and direct to a local Notary should this be the case, but will complete the remainder of the Service(s) as long as acceptable.

Notes: Verification of Who you are and that you have established your Home on Indiana today requires presentment of Birth Certificate (does not not need Certified or Authenticated), current valid photo ID/DL that includes the Name coming in and current Indiana home address, and current utility bill or mortgage/lease/living agreement in the Name coming in and current Indiana home address. While you may still want to present a US passport, it does not meet the requirement of including your current Home address on Indiana. Witness Testimonies from 2 different people, preferably over the lawful age of 21 and have known you for a minimum of 7 years-witness is to include relationship-husband/wife/friend and length of time known on the testimony. Does Not include ASN Credentials. An L.R.O. member record is required to Publish documents. Create your Free L.R.O. member record Here!



Status Correction Publishing Fee when using a STATE OF STATE Public Notary for your paperwork. Do Not choose this option if planning to use the Assembly Recording Secretary, or you Will be Charged this Fee again to schedule with the Recording Secretary. All Gifts and Purchase of Goods and Services to The Indiana Assembly© are Welcome, considered Non-Refundable, and All Benefits Waived.


Return Postage


Postage and Envelope Supplies to return your published Status Correction documents.


Single Item Recording


Record and Publish single items After Status Correction. For example, Private Auto Deeds, Notices, Baby Deeds not presented at Status Correction, etc.