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Goal: $5,000 ea + shipping

Subject: Covered Message to All Current Coordinators

From: Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>

Date: 11/3/2023, 9:02 PM

The first gen “medical beds” are here and they work.

We have full confirmation and first ‐ hand experience.

I would highly encourage each Assembly to consider buying one (or more) of these tables and making this technology available to their members.

Charge $10 a treatment for those who can afford it, and you will quickly recoup the

$5000 plus shipping investment, while providing everyone in your Assembly with the amazing benefits of this technology.

For those who are old, sick, in pain, or invalid as a result of injury or disease, this is a wonderful breakthrough.

Help your neighbors and help yourselves.

The tables are available from Tuberose Healing and were developed privately by Dr. Robert Broe and his wife, Kerrie.

Contact: c/o Box 102, Aripeka, Florida, 34679.

Phone: 352 ‐ 610 ‐ 4411.

And please, say a prayer or enter a minute of thanksgiving for these wonderful

people and their mission of healing, and give a moment of silence, too, for all the

sacrifices they have made and the obstacles they have overcome to make this possible.

Here’s their new website which is under development: Natural Healing Self-Help Website

| Vibrational Medicine | Tuberose Healing Sound Table https://tuberosesoundtables.com/

Speaking for myself and the team here in Alaska, I can tell you that we are all a bit stunned and grappling with the significance and magnitude of this blessing.