Indiana Community Response Team

2024-Feb 1st

Posted January 17, 2024 by: Joe Hayse-PKTF Executive Director

Priority Notice to all Soil Jurisdiction Sheriffs

Calling Indiana State Nationals within the Counties including and North of the line. Is the current County Sheriff, or any Deputies, a Constitutional Sheriff or CORP Sheriff? If Constitutional, or you feel able to connect with, and are able to articulate to give them a brief education of what happened, where we are today, and how We the people/People are here to support. If a BOUGHT CORP Sheriff, Indianans in these Counties need You to Step Up and Volunteer for County Sheriff! No experience necessary, but the Standing and sense of Duty to Serve in this capacity! Contact Joe-PKTF Executive Director at For Inquiry Type*, select Sheriff from drop down list and select State* Indiana. Be sure to add your current Home County on Indiana, which is Not IN, or Indiana, USA.

Not prepared to serve as a Sheriff, how about Assembly Liaison with the PKTF? Only 1/One needed for the State, preferably from one of the Counties outlined on the the map. Follow the link above to Joe’s Article with more information and how to connect directly with him to voluntarily serve in this capacity.