The Rude Awakening

The Rude Awakening
By Anna Von Reitz
Everyone needs to stop and take in the situation.
Our State Assemblies have not been fully assembled for over a hundred years.
Nobody now living can recall them or remember how they functioned in the past.
All we have are records and court cases and anecdotes and old law books to show
us the way and the ropes again, and we have made good use of these resources
to resurrect our lawful government — still, it is worth sitting down for a moment,
taking a deep breath, and contemplating the fact that you, personally, know
virtually nothing about your actual government.
All you have experienced to date is a foreign government operated by the British
Crown and the Vatican.
So first bit of advice —- don’t come into an American State Assembly thinking that
you know anything at all about how the government works— because you have
never seen the American Government in action.
All you have ever known is the “government” of your own Employees, which is
supposed to only address them, and not address you at all. They operate under
foreign law that you are not obligated to know or obey.
So, it is ridiculous for new people to come into established Assemblies and think
that they know what to do and how to do it. They don’t, and until they sit still and
listen, they won’t, because the American Government is a totally different animal.
It’s not a democracy.
It doesn’t have political parties.
It doesn’t function via executive power or offices.
It has its own courts and its own law.
It’s American, not British, not Papist.
Think about the above five differences — and I mean, really think.
You’ve grown up hearing about “American Democracy” but this country has never
been a democracy in its entire put together.
You have been swept up into joining political parties and registering to vote in
elections that are foreign to you and which, technically, it’s illegal for you to
participate in.
You have been trained since childhood to respect “authorities” that work in a
pecking order with a Chief Executive Officer on top and a huge bureaucracy of
subalterns below, but that’s not the way your actual American Government works.
Not at all.
You have been duped into believing that the foreign courts are your own, too —
but they are not. The things posing as courts in this country are of two kinds, and
both are foreign.
Finally, you’ve been taught that the Brits are your very best friends and allies,
when in fact their Government has been your most intractable and deceitful
enemy, ruling over you using guile and a brutal Raj-like quasi-military Territorial
regime to steal you blind and spill your blood.
Think. Really think. And then act appropriately. Join your State Assembly with the
expectation that this is going to be different and that you are going to make it
different, with a clear-eyed vision of what is American and what isn’t.

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