2023Sep17: DEBT Redemption Process Update

2023 September 17:

Posted by: Kristine:

Version 14 of the Assembly MOCEE Sandwich instructions. Changes: ◦ added CFO strategies ◦ Congress Letter improvements ◦ Added Oversight Committee Letter ◦ added FAQs ◦ using “Agent” is Internal Revenue Service letters salutations ◦ added R.M. Congress Letter example ◦ Warning disclaimer footer ◦ Letters now use “Letter with ZFlag” footer page style (Libre Office) ◦ 8.5”x11” Money Order example pages now use NoFooter footer page style (Libre Office) ◦ added House Committee on Oversight and Accountability 2023 Committee Members.

Learn More https://states.americanstatenationals.org/indiana/2023/09/17/2023sept17-debt-redemption-process-update/

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