Public International Alert for State Assemblies

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Public International Alert for State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

The unpleasant truth is that the Civil War was never ended by any peace process, so the Northern Army simply settled in and occupied our country. 

You can look all day for many days on end, and all you will find are the documents surrendering Lee’s Army, and three public proclamations (establishing a contract) by President Andrew Johnson declaring “peace on the land”.  

You can see that the Army of Occupation and later Presidents didn’t honor that contract. 

What then transpired was a roll call of evils, most of which required the Army of Occupation to impersonate us — that is, to pretend to be us, in order to control us.  

They substituted British Territorial State-of-State organizations for our American State-of-State businesses.  

They substituted their military districts for our counties and held “District Assemblies” from then until now.  

They substituted their corporation elections for our public elections. 

The British Government took full advantage of this situation and has worked under a Cloak of Secrecy about this ever since. 

So how did the British Camel get its nose into our tent again?  

They were never far away.  After the Revolution, as part of the peace process, they obtained certain concessions.  Brits were allowed to stay in this country and keep their private property under the terms of The Residence Act.  

The British Territorial Government got juicy contracts to provide governmental services, especially military services. 

The British King remained our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

This same British Territorial Government headquartered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (look it up if you don’t believe me) fought with the Northern States-of-States in the Civil War, and took over owing to the bankruptcy of those organizations in 1863. 

So now, instead of an American controlled Army of Occupation, we’ve had to contend with a British Territorial Army of Occupation. 

It has been this way ever since.  

This is how “President” George Herbert Walker Bush and Henry Kissinger and General Colin Powell could all accept an office and titles and emoluments from a foreign government and serve as Knights of Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II.  

We do have the possibility of up-ending all this by restoring and Reconstructing our American Government, but only if we hold tight, know what is going on, and remember who we are and how things are supposed to work. 

As the only lawful Civilian Government of this country, the U.S. Army is supposed to answer to us, not to the British Monarch and not to their own whim.  

They are supposed to protect us and not interfere in our government— but the fact is that they don’t want to give up control and they are interfering. 

They want to continue their illegal and immoral occupation of our country and they want to continue to treat us, their Employers, as a “conquered people”.  

If so, we are only conquered by our own ignorance.

Right now, we have the British Territorial Army personnel known as U.S. Citizens hard at work trying to commandeer our fledgling American State Assemblies, coming through our doors, pretending to be us, with the express object of taking control of our Assemblies.  

All of a sudden, we have these guys from their “National Assembly” organization,  horning in and spreading vicious rumors about me personally and pretending to join our Assemblies in good faith.  

It’s another British Substitution Scheme.  

The same process they employed to substitute their States-of-States for ours and to set up and run their District Assemblies as if they were our State Assemblies is being employed to try to take over our State Assemblies.  

So now, I am instructing all the State Assemblies to close their doors to non-member participation and to watch their membership roles carefully. Non-members can observe, but not take part in floor discussions or votes of any kind.  

There is little doubt that these embedded enemies of our country have already infiltrated our organizations to some extent, in order to observe our operations. 

In addition to British Sleeper Cells trying to commandeer what we’ve built, we have British Territorial organizations in open competition in a few States.  

In Oregon, we have Ron Vrooman’s group, calling itself the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly, and pretending to be an American Jural Assembly.  

We know that isn’t true, because American Jural Assemblies are drawn from the General Assembly membership of our State Assemblies.  They don’t exist as “independent” vigilante groups like Ron’s. 

In Missouri, we’ve had an unfortunate incident in which the Coordinator was seduced into this same idea that The Missouri Assembly was functioning as a Jural Assembly and not a General Assembly.  Only a handful of The Missouri Assembly members were properly papered up, and when the Recording Secretaries discovered this, they were castigated for demanding correction.  

What is absolutely crucial at this juncture is for Americans to have a firm sense of who they are and know the warning signs. 

The Impersonators will seem very similar to us. They will use deceptively similar terms.  

For example, they will talk about “the Common Law” by which they will mean Military Common Law, not American Common Law. 

In the same spirit, they will talk about “Grand Juries” but they will be talking about Grand Juries of U.S. Citizens convened as Military Tribunals of the District Government, not Grand Juries convened by the people of this country. 

They will talk a great deal about “the Constitution” by which they will mean The Constitution of the United States of America — their own Territorial Constitution which is their meal ticket.  

They will play upon the common indoctrination and embrace and express the idea that Americans live under “the” Constitution, but in fact, only Public Employees live under any Constitution.  

It’s their job to obey the limits of the Federal Constitutions and it’s our job to enforce the limits of the Constitutions — there’s a difference involved. 

They are acting as Employees and viewing their Constitution as their employment contract; we are acting as Employers, and demanding that they obey the terms of their service contract. 

They will also talk about “democracy” and promote democratic ideas, like “majority rule”, even to the point of allowing majorities to infringe on the most basic rights of individuals.  

They don’t understand that our American Government is not and never has been a democracy.  

These interlopers can appear to be very patriotic and pro-American, but in fact, they are confused about what American is.  They were never taught. 

And they don’t want to learn. 

They just want to continue bulling their way through life with the assumptions they were given in Public School.  

They have a mentality of willful ignorance. 

Somehow, somewhere, I must hope that I have gotten my message through to enough thinking Americans so that you can sort things out for yourselves.  

1. We are being occupied by a British Territorial-controlled U.S. Army staffed by U.S. Citizens. 

2. These U.S. Citizens think that they are acting as Americans when they are not. 

3. So our country is under occupation by what merely appears to be our own military and is in fact a British Territorial Expeditionary Force. 

4. These U.S. Citizens are coming into our State Assemblies with malice aforethought to commandeer them. 

5. This is part of a command and control strategy using substitution schemes that has been in place ever since the Civil War. 

6. They have substituted their States-of-States for ours, their incorporated “Counties of”  for our Counties, their District Assemblies for our State Assemblies, and now they are trying to commandeer our operations again by substituting their U.S. Citizens as members of our State Assemblies.  

7. All State Assemblies are hereby alerted and advised to close their doors to this kind of interference and infiltration.  

U.S. Citizens must be allowed to record their birthright political status, but as long as they work for or identify with the Federal Government (military or civil service) they cannot be allowed to disrupt our State Assemblies. 

This is because they have a built-in conflict of interest and allegiance to a foreign government. 

Licensed professionals have a similar built-in conflict of interest and are subject to coercion from the King’s Government. 

A word to the wise should be sufficient. 


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